pop social

gamified friend-finding
the deets
January 2021 - February 2021
Product Designer (Web), Lead Product Designer, Engineering, Product Manager
Pop Social
Pop is a mobile app aiming to help college students find friends, with users' names and faces anonymized. I designed and launched Quiz.
project overview TL;DR
Design and release "Quiz"
Pop had been seeing a decline in new users and low user retention rates. I was tasked to carry out their concept for a new feature that would attract new users and increase user engagement
Product designer
  Design and prototyping
  Lead user testing
  Product strategy
  Design system contributions
Roll with the punches
I had one month to design, prototype, and validate a new feature, while managing pressures from the product team and engineering constraints. Everything moves at light speed in a startup, so I learned to keep on trucking.
If you're short on time, feel free to read past the process.
design considerations
Too many typefaces
Pop's design system utilizes too many (3) sans serif typefaces. We need to standardize this.
Pop is not a feature factory
We need to find a permanent home for quiz and make it valuable enough for users to want it to stay.
Unsophisticated iconography
The apps we're competing with in this space have elegant, sophisticated icons. Our look and feel is coming across as young.
quiz at a glance
Quiz is a feature where students can answer personality questions and post the results on their user card. It's supposed to feel fun, approachable, and rewarding enough to keep users coming back for more.
Positive metrics
In the first week of Quiz's launch, Daily Active Users rose by 100%, and Weekly Active Users increased by 40%.

Pop beat the "feature factory" allegations as Quiz earned a permanent home in the app.