hey, I'm sri! /shree/

I'm a twice UT Longhorn - first with a BBA in Finance and later an MA in Design. I'm also an Interaction Designer at frog.

my design POV

I grew up in a border town in South Texas, helping me deeply understand people, their stories, and ultimately, user needs. As a product designer, my business background helps me leverage strategy and stakeholder relationships, too. This leaves me as a designer who sees things holistically - I consider all kinds of perspectives, and I don't leave any stone unturned.

past meets present

4 years of business school and 2 finance internships taught me a lot. Another year of school, plus 3 design internships at both startup and agency environments taught me even more. From these experiences, I gleaned 2 key strengths:

➯ I understand stakeholder perspectives and needs.
➯ Strategy is my bread and butter, and product thinking is no different.

As a product designer, these skills are critical for creating useful and meaningful products. With my business acumen and product design experience, I can do just that.

who am I really?

Outside of design, I sing and write music, ride my bike, and create art. I also dabble in some other hobbies (see: dabbling). Mostly, I spend my time exploring the Texas cities and taking lots of pictures along the way. Scroll down if you want to shoot me a message!