pronounced /shree-chuck-rah/
I like making products that feel beautiful and do good.
When I think of a beautifully designed solution, it’s something that’s super usable, filling a need, working for edge cases - it's not just about its appearance. Usability as a compass and visual design as a given - that’s what I like creating.

When I’m not tinkering in figma, I’m writing music, slurping noodle soup in the dead of summer, and consuming too much media.
here's why I'm dope
I'm a design generalist. Here's what I bring to the table:
I'm deeply strategic
I turn product thinking and strategy into value by channeling that in my design work.
I'm a storyteller
I present my work effectively to broad audiences and defend decisions without being defensive.
I'm highly adaptive
I pivoted from business to design during a pandemic and have worked in a variety of design environments.
september 2021 - now
frog / interaction designer
summer 2021
argodesign / design intern
spring 2021
pop social / product designer
fall 2020
building blocks / UX design intern
Figma, Adobe CC (Ai, Ps, Ae, Id, Xd), Sketch, Invision, Protopie
Design Research, Prototyping, User Testing, Visual Design, Systems Thinking
HTML/CSS, Python