Building Blocks Technologies

Find your place in blockchain!

Project Details:

September 2020 - November 2020

UX Design Intern

Building Blocks Technologies (BBT) mines for data on blockchain job opportunities with the hopes of creating a blockchain-specific job board.

The Ask:
I was tasked to create an interactive visualization using BBT's proprietary data so users can find their fit in blockchain.

How might we invite users to delve into the blockchain industry?

The Visualization

Using Building Blocks' proprietary data, I settled on 5 important categories for potential job seekers to peruse: Industries, Blockchain Technologies, Positions, and Skills & Algorithms. These give a holistic picture of what awaits a candidate in the blockchain job search.

User Research

Key Insight: Other blockchain market maps have way too much going on

I performed a competitive analysis, showing potential users pictures of other blockchain market maps (like this one). It was clear that maps like these were hard to understand.

Acceptance Criteria

With insights gleaned from research and discussion with stakeholders, I formed some acceptance criteria for a successful design.

Narrow the scope. I need to focus on a few categories of data, because users will not understand a visualization with more than 5 categories.
This design must be understood by all. That means nothing flashy.
Make it easy to find information. Include descriptors of vocabulary that seems a bit niche.


Here lies the visualization graveyard.

At this point, I had no idea how to relate all 5 categories of data. A week of sketching, wireframing, and subsequent confusion made me realize something: let these categories stand on their own. After narrowing my scope, I started work on the prototype.

A low-fidelity wireframe
Low-fidelity prototype depicting multiple data categories
Prototype of dashboard depicting individual data categories

Feedback & Iteration

Here, I consulted peers and mentors with no blockchain knowledge.

A sample of their thoughts:
Don't present internal titles to external audiences. Rename some of the cards to better reflect what it's depicting.
Skills and algorithm reflect the same meaning. Combining them into one category would aid simplicity.
Define niche vocabulary 2.0. Include hover states that provide definitions for niche vocabulary.


"I now have a clearer understanding of the big players in blockchain."

What I learned:
How to use Figma! This was my first design project and I learned a lot about visual design and prototyping within the software.
All things user research - how to test, how to conduct interviews - the whole nine.
Less really is more!